UT Southwestern // Lather Up

A hand-washing PSA, featuring tutting sensation, Julian "JayFunk" Daniels.


Let's be honest, when the client says, "let's make a hand washing video," you don't exactly think - most. awesome. project. ever. But the subject is an important one. Annually, there are more than 2 million patients in hospitals across the United States that acquire an infection during their stay and simple hand hygiene can prevent many of those cases. 

So, what's a storyteller to do?

It's an interesting creative problem. Then, the client introduces you to tutting & says, "you think we could do something with this?"

I smiled because I knew... Most. Awesome. Project. Ever.

Client: UT Southwestern Medical Center
Writer/Director: Trey Hill
Producer: Ashlie McGill
DP/Editor: Allan Thompson
Original Score: Brad Dale, Dallas Audio Post
Sound Design & Mix: Defacto Sound
Motion Graphics: Kevin Shivers