I Am Second

Stark, iconic images capture the tone of humble authenticity that resides at the center of the I Am Second campaign.


Since 2008, people from all walks of life have been invited to sit in a white chair under a single light in a dark room and tell their stories of hurt & healing, of addiction & recovery, of faith & life.

In many ways, I point to this campaign as the birth of my career as a photographer. And therein lies a bit of inescapable poetry, for me, because, at the time this opportunity came my way, I was coming to grips with my own second-ness and was in the throws of a personal renewal. So were each of my collaborators.

This collection of stories, in many ways, was our story.

Working closely with client E3 Partners & long-time friends at Ditore Mayo Entertainment, I was tasked with creating an iconic look for portraits that could be used in advertising & promotions as well as document the telling of each story for use online and in supplemental collateral. 

The result was a stark, timeless portrait look that matches the raw authenticity of stories being shared that was replicate-able in hotels, living rooms and churches around the country.

The process of creating alongside such master craftsmen as Sam Ditore & Scott Mayo has left a lasting impression on my life, personally and professionally. The three years spent as the photographer for this campaign will remain a highlight of my career as much for the work it yielded as the depth of relationships that were formed along the way.

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