Behind The Iron Curtain

Before the Soviet Union fell, a few of God's people risked much for the sake of their belief in Jesus command to love your enemies. This is story of the birth of East-West Ministries.

For the security of those & the work described in this story, this film is password protected. Please contact me if you are interested in viewing the film.


In the early 90's, the religious temperature in Russia was as frigid as the Cold War. For those on the outside, looking in, the hope for missions in that region of the world looked bleak.

Not only that, many in the West asked the question of whether or not The Church should even minister to the enemy.

It was in these dark days, through the covert & collective work of a faithful few, that a spiritual revolution sparked in the Soviet Union and the ministry of East-West was born.

Client: East-West Ministries

Writer/Director/Editor: Trey Hill

Motion Graphics: Kevin Shivers