Little Hands

In celebration of the Home Depot's 20th anniversary of the Kid's Workshop, I had the pleasure of collaborating with The Richards Group on a TV spot that celebrates the spirit of all that these little hands are capable of doing.


When one thinks home improvement, it’s typically hammers and nails; paint, tile and carpet; tillers and mulch. But what happens when we aim higher? That seemed to be the unspoken challenge at the heart of the Greg Christiansen & Rob Hollenbeck's creative.

As a father, I understand the desire to nobly work to comfortably shelter my children. But my wife and I have always parented with that belief that if we place equal focus and energy into improving the foundation of our children’s humanity as we direct at keeping a roof above their heads, we might just contribute to building a better world.

Isn’t that the essence of home improvement?

This spot is a celebration of that spirit. The Home Depot has been encouraging a culture where kids are safe to explore their curiosity, make messes and try something other than their parent's patience for twenty years.

Agency: The Richards Group
Writer: Greg Christensen
Art Director: Rob Hollenbeck
Executive Producer: Byron Fitts
Director: Trey Hill
Line Producer: Brandon Tapp
Director of Photography: Mark Thomas