Nick Cannon's Red Kettle Reason


We were on the sidewalk off N 14th St. in New York, outside The Salvation Army headquarters. I wanted Nick — who had just spent several hours with me filming a bunch of scripted content to support his NBC sponsored "Giving Spree", benefitting the Salvation Army — to stand at the Red Kettle and ring the bell. It was another in a long-list of "quick setups" I'd requested that were off script. He was game.

What I'd underestimated about my request was how much celebrity draw Nick Cannon had. Within minutes, we were surrounded by a hundred or so paparazzi and curious passers by. Seriously, how did they all know we were there? It was a zoo.

In the midst of that zoo, a woman from the front desk came out to get a glimpse of Nick, in person. I mentioned to him that she was a big, something she'd told me as I entered the building that morning. Without missing a beat, Nick had her come over to show him how to ring the bell.

On a day that had been mostly scripted, there was this one unpredictably wonderful human moment. This film wasn't on my list of agency deliverables, but it was one I fought to shoot, regardless.

I appreciate Nick taking the extra time to tell the personal side of his story and the client & agency for trusting my endless list of "quick setups" would lead to something worthwhile.

Client: The Salvation Army
Agency: The Richards Group
Agency Producer: Cassie Greenwald
Director/DP: Trey Hill
Post: Jason Agnew