Open Arms


Stories are a salve for the soul, the medicine of art, and I counted it as a great privilege to be entrusted with the next chapter in Grady's — Atlanta's largest hospital — 124-year-old story. 

When the creative for Open Arms came across my desk, I was reminded of how I had approached my time in a leper colony in India many years prior. In production, it’s quite common to lose sight of the people whose stories we are charged with telling in favor of the urgency and pace and pressure to simply get the shot and move on.

However, In India I learned that the relationships I establish with the subjects of the stories — and the fantastic crews who help me tell them — are the heart and soul of the work. There is no product without the people. That is the spirit with which we approached this film.

At it's core, Open Arms is about the symbiotic relationship between hospital and city; it's about life's defining moments and the spaces in which those experience take place; it's about the people giving and receiving care.

Client: Grady Hospital
Agency: The Richards Group
Writer: Dustin Ballard
Art Director: Andy Coulston
Agency Producer: Francis Juarez
Executive Producer: Byron Fitts
Director: Trey Hill
Line Producer: Brandon Tapp
Director of Photography: Mark Thomas
Post: Kristina Cruse Post Op