Redefining South Sudan


For more than 50 years, the status quo in Sudan has been dominated by a single idea: conflict. But, a window of peace opened and in the time since the cease fire, God has planted hope & love in the hearts of His people. And in that peace, the first fruits came to life in the form of a new nation.

Seed Effect is one of the products of that window of peace and in the five years since its forming, the organization and her people have faithfully worked the soil that God first tilled. Now, as the clouds of conflict grow in Sudan, Seed Effect stands ready to continue its legacy of changing the status quo, one life at a time.

Five years ago, I travelled to South Sudan with Missy & David Williams, founders of Seed Effect, as they prepared to distribute their first loan. Together we made a film on the idea that would become a micro-finance organization. Then, it was a hope; today, that hope has become a forest of possibility for their clients.

To celebrate the physical & spiritual transformation that has taken place over last five years in South Sudan, I returned to make a new brand film, as well as a series of smaller vignettes and a collection of fine-art photographs. Each piece was guided by the broader notion that Seed Effect is redefining South Sudan.

The past will not define their future. In the fight for a better tomorrow, the past takes on new meaning. Together, Seed Effect & their clients are redefining South Sudan.

Client: Seed Effect

Writer/Producer/Director/DP/Editor: Trey Hill

Motion Graphics: Kevin Shivers