I shot & edited this piece for the 2010 Dallas Stars season seat holder renewal package with my friend Austin Mann ( We had 5 cameras - a mix of Nikon & Canon bodies - two set remotely and three for hand held work.

The Stars used variable print technology in the intitial online delivery, so each seat holder experienced the film with their name on a locker at the 30-second mark. That piece of the puzzle was handled by Channel 1 Media.

I was asked to revisit the film so it could be used as a tribute, in arena, during Mike Modano's final home game as a Dallas Star. That version is what you see here.

In total, the edit contains over 2200 still images; most were shot during a single game just before the 2010 Olympic break, but I did pull from my image archive, which at the time contained two seasons worth of photographs, to round out the storyline.

Director/Editor: Trey Hill

Photography: Trey Hill & Austin Mann

Sound Design: Defacto Sound

Music: "Reset" by MUTEMATH, courtesy of Teleprompt/Warner Bros.