The Apology


With this film, I was given a pretty remarkable assignment: to facilitate a reconciliation. 

If you're anything like me, someone who held up the Bible as "their book", then turned the weight of that book in your direction and used it as a weapon. Regardless of where you fall in your personal life in regards to faith, God or the Bible, the heart of this film touches on something incredibly beautiful:

The seeking of forgiveness for all of that hurt.

It was a meaningful gesture and it needed the right voice. The question became, who do we get to deliver that kind of message? Casting for this film started with a few phone calls to some people I knew — KoRn's Brian "Head" Welch, battery mogul Norm Miller, artist Kyle Steed, and a host of remarkable laypeople, too — who aligned with the message of the film by living empathetically.

From there, I worked with DP Cale Glendening to develop a look that was honest, but simple. The resulting film contains no camera tricks, no gimmicks. Just people looking into the lens and humbling themselves.

Agency: The Richards Group
Writer: Danny Bryan
Art Director: Todd McArtor
Agency Producer: Kristen Martin
Executive Producer: Byron Fitts
Director: Trey Hill
Line Producer: Brandon Tapp
Director of Photography: Cale Glendening
Post: Post Asylum