The Widow's Might


On a snowy day in late January of 2015, I travelled to Evansville, Indiana to tell the story of a woman named Lindsay Schroer. Most outside of Evansville have never heard of Lindsay and don't know the bravery with which this mother of three has navigated life and loss in the wake of her husband's battle with leukemia.

But, in Evansville, the Schroer's — and their faith — are well known.

Despite knowing, though, few have heard Lindsay's story told with the raw, authentic vulnerability we experienced during those winter days.

Created for I Am Second Live in Evansville, where Lindsay's husband Nathan was a community advocate, police officer, record label owner and pastor, this film tells the story of what happens when a community comes alongside one of its own in the throws of grief. 

To learn more about I Am Second, or see Nathan's original film, please visit

Director/DP/Editor: Trey Hill

Producer: Ditore Mayo Entertainment

Executive Producer: I Am Second

Location Sound/B-Camera: Jason Sack

Sound Design & Mix: Roy Machado, Dallas Audio Post

Music: A. Taylor & AJ Hochhalter via The Music Bed