2011 in photographs

"why don't you share it / all of the time you live / there's something out there" - Broken Social Scene For me, 2011 was a dizzying mix of adventure, growth and sheer joy. As I sorted through my Lightroom library trying to make sense of what happened - to glean lessons, to remember successes and relive the stories I had the chance to tell - I was overwhelmed by the kind and quality of work I was blessed to do last year & the people I had the privilege to work with and for.

[vimeo 34615007 580 326]

Beyond the travel and the experiences, 2011 was unique in that it marks the first time I was hired as filmmaker more often than photographer. I guess going to film school wasn't a waste of time after all. As a life-long student of story, I'm excited that visual storytelling has come on so strong in the last couple of years and can't wait to see what the future holds for this industry and the friends I've made who share my passion for connecting organizations with their audiences in deeper, more meaningful ways.

In trying to sum up the year that was, I thought it would be fun to retrace my steps, in a sense, through the photographs I made. The video above is composed of the 2850 images I delivered to my clients; what isn't in there are the thousands of stills I shot as part of time-lapse sequences for the various film projects I worked on, the hundreds of personal photographs and Instagrams I made along the way, nor the thousands of images that just weren't good enough. Still, the effect of watching is equally as dizzying as it was to live.

Here we are five days into this new year & things are already ramping up; in four days, I leave for India to start the process all over again and my solitary prayer is this: "God, please help keep me balanced."