Addison Road

I was in Sudan when I received a text saying that INO recording artists, Addison Road, wanted me to shoot their upcoming promo and album photography. Having seen them play a handful of times, I was pretty pumped about the opportunity. AR-1Addison Road, Feb. 2010

When I got home, we set up a phone call & I was instantly drawn to the ideas that were floated out there. By nature, I'm collaborative and enjoy the process of making images and the process on this job was incredible. I colaborated heavily with Travis Lawrence on the concept, which draws, tonally, on the stories they hear from their fans on the road - stories of loss and heartache - and, hopefully, captures the intangible ‘thing’ that draws people to Addison Road‘s music.


After hearing a handful of the songs off this album, you understand that loss is a subject the band knows well. They have endured equipment theft and travel woes, but nothing worse than what happened to them just a couple of weeeks ago. Somewhere just outside of Flagstaff, their RV, rented for a new tour, caught fire while they were driving and burned to the ground along with their equipment & merchandise.


I recieved a text from Travis (in the driver’s seat above) the day after the RV fire that said, “we count it as a blessing that we are in battle.” Their bus burns and they say, “We’re blessed” and press on, drawing from the same hope their music gives its fans. This was the intangible that I picked up on in our early conversations & was the thing that I really wanted to photograph.


"Stories" gets released on June 22, but the first single, "Fight Another Day" dropped last week - and it's fantastic. I'll post the link here once it's on iTunes, which I hear will be May 25th.

**UPDATE** you can purchase the full album through Addison Road's official website & get an immediate web download, or the first single is available on iTunes here.