so, the last couple weeks have been amazing. and amazingly busy, which is, in and of itself, pretty dang amazing. outside of the Dallas Stars gig (did i mention how amazing that was?), i've been working on a very cool project documenting the renovation of one of Dallas' most storied country clubs. i'm in the first of about fifteen months on that, but so far it's been a very fun thing to be a part of. look for images from that project early next week.

and then there are the two amazingly talented teenagers i had the opportunity to spend some time with. this weekend i had the opportunity to photograph Selena Gomez, a Dallas girl done good. she got her start as an actress on Barney and is now the newest Disney star. my family was able to visit the set on Sunday and i think my son got his first crush. he and Sarah have watched her movie, Another Cinderella Story, every day since - and I don't think he's watching for the story. it's pretty cute. again, hopeful i can post some of those images soon as well.

and, as fun as that was, there was actually a shoot that topped it.

last wednesday i spent a few hours up in Denton with Lauren. not only is she totally adorable, she's a natural in front of the camera. we did the session for Lauren's senior portraits and, to date, i'd be hard pressed to think of a session that was more fun. here are nine images from the afternoon - and narrowing the 750 images down to these nine was one of the harder tasks i've undertaken.



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