family photo days

Just a few days ago, Shutterfly launched a microsite in support of an effort called Family Photo Days. The site was a joint effort between myself & my very good friends at Four Man Furnace. [vimeo 31610938 580 326]

It's always an amazing experience when you can work on an incredible project or have the opportunity to work with your friends. In this case, I had the amplified blessing of both. Steve Durman (from FMF) and I dreamed up the basic concept together and when we presented the idea to Shutterfly, they were excited because our approach to the microsite (really, there's nothing micro about it) addressed a number of the things they had been trying to solve internally - making the web experience sharable, introducing video, etc.

My role, specifically, centered around the content on the site. I was tasked with producing & directing 19 films that are equal parts informative, inspiring and fun to watch. Because of the size of the project, that meant I had the opportunity to bring in other talented people to fills rolls I might normally fill myself.

sfly1photo by Sara Kerens

Creatively, it was a fantastic challenge & really wonderful to work with a brand that knows who they are and how they want to be represented. They provided us with a wealth of talented people to help shepherd the project and, yet, gave us the freedom to execute the vision we shared from the beginning.

sfly2photo by Sara Kerens

That vision, however, wouldn't have been possible without an incredible team of people. I owe a debt of gratitude not only to Steve & the guys at Four Man Furnace, but also to Jonah Ingram from Ditore Mayo Entertainment for his editing prowess, my good friend Kevin Shivers for his work on the motion graphics, Jeff Taylor & Doug Hale (of Air Review fame) for composing a score that I can't get out of my head and Dallas Taylor's team at Defacto Sound. Beyond those people, the film at the top of this post wouldn't have been possible without help from Allan Thompson, Rachael Currie (whose production design has inspired everyone that's seen it) and Sara Kerens beautiful still photographs. I also owe a huge thanks to Ana Schecter, Meg Bohnert (Shutterfly's card stylist) & Jenn Falik for stepping in front of the camera during the New York portion of our shoot, which makes up the bulk of the content on the site. Finally, I owe the largest amount of thanks to the families who came out to participate in the Family Photo Day we produced here in Dallas - literally, the film wouldn't have been possible without you guys.

sfly3photo by Sara Kerens

Take a minute to check out the website and feel free to leave some comments on the films or share them with your friends on Facebook. And, if you end up organizing your own Family Photo Day, let me know how it goes, or better yet, send me the Christmas card!