headed to Sudan

Almost three years ago I was introduced to Sudan through the work of an organization called Water Is Basic and tomorrow afternoon I leave for Sudan - first to do some work for another fine organization, Seed Effect, before wrapping up my trip spending several days documenting what Water Is Basic has accomplished in the last three years. Sudan

When I first visited Africa (in January of 1999) I contracted a tape worm through drinking unclean water. When I returned to the states, I'd lost a significant amount of weight & felt very weak but, unlike so many people there I was able to make a simple phone call and get the medication I needed. I can't express how incredibly honored I am to have the opportunity to return to Africa & engage the mission of Water Is Basic in a personal way.

I honestly have no idea what to expect this time around, but I hope to return with dozens of stories that I can share - stories of hope & of need - and that those stories will inspire others to join the mission of making sure that every village in Sudan has daily access to clean water.

I will be doing my best to update how things are going, post images & twitter about the journey. I will be uploading iPhone images via Twitter to WiB's twitter feed, so if you're not following them you'll definitely want to. Also, take a minute to check out what Water is Basic is up to - after two years of planning, drilling began in a significant way this spring & in that short amount of time we've been able to drill nearly 100 wells. You can read more about that here.