In Search of Eternity

This summer, I had the privilege of spending nearly two weeks in India with East-West. In many ways, it was a whirlwind tour of the country, but the majority of our trip was spent in the north eastern state of Assam. After flying into Jorhat, we drove west through the Kaziranga National Forest to see, first-hand, the work being done by the Mising people among the Mising people. EW-ISE-1the Sunday morning service at a Mising house church

Daily life for the Mising, is difficult, at best. They live in raised, thatched roof homes because their lands completely submerge during annual flooding; they are a people connected to the land in a profound way. Like most of India, this connection to nature gets expressed through devout Hindu beliefs. We heard story after story of people whose lives were ordered around worshiping the various Hindu gods get their lives reordered by The One True God (their words, not mine).

EW-ISE-3two young boys paddle a handmade canoe through flooded rice fields

This film (one of 7 I was commissioned to make for East-West) is from the point of view of the Mising as this strange 'other way' comes across the river and spreads throughout their villages. Often, an organization wants to tell stories of change from their outsider point of view and I was thankful that East-West was willing to let the people, who have had their lives profoundly altered by the Gospel, tell the story from their point of view. As a storyteller, I've learned that point of view is really all you have; answering the question, 'Whose voice is this story in?' is where the journey begins.

[vimeo 17495339 580 326]

I'm really happy with how the story came together, but one aspect of the film stands head and shoulders above the rest - and that is the music. The first & last track in the score are original works by Roger Hooper - a composer who understands the power of subtlety. I owe Dallas Taylor a huge thank you for introducing us.

EW-ISE-2looking upriver toward the mountains of Arunachal Pradesh.