into the rafters we went

on Monday i got a call from the Dallas Stars to come and shoot the game against the Detroit Red Wings for some promotional material they are putting together. thankfully, they didn't want me to shoot like a sports photographer, which i am not. they wanted me to find the things that were going on away from the puck and off the ice. it was an AWESOME night, that took me from the belly of the arena into the rafters to see my favorite game in a really unique way. and your Dallas Stars did an awesome job of taking everyone in the arena on a similar journey.

the hated Wing entered the game on a six game winning streak and it seemed impossible to think that the captain-less Stars and their young blue line could do anything to keep a repeat of the 6-1 beat down of just a few nights earlier from happening again. the picture looked even more bleak when the Stars gave up two early goals. however, they faught, kicked and clawed their way back and tied it up in the final three minutes of the third.

it took the extra period to do it, but the Stars put together an awesome victory. i wasn't able to appreciate what was happening on the ice as much as i would have liked - but, i did come home with some images i'm really proud of.

here are a few of the outtakes that i really like.