Merry Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner & the New Year, with all her fresh starts, is right behind that. It's an incredibly meaningful time of year for me, when I can join my brothers & sisters all over the world and celebrate the birth of our Savior. But, how do you put the weight & gravity of His coming into perspective in under 500 words? christmas1

Two things instantly came to mind: some words from Bono that my friend Jonathan Dodson always quotes this time of year & a film I made in India. Both speak to the poetry of grace made flesh.

[vimeo 18122470 580 326]

"The idea that God, if there is a force of Logic and Love in the universe, that it would seek to explain itself is amazing enough. That it would seek to explain itself and describe itself by becoming a child born in straw poverty, in shit and straw, a child I just thought: Wow!

Just the poetry - unknowable love, unknowable power, describes itself as the most vulnerable. There it was. I was sitting there, and it’s not that it hadn’t struck me before, but tears came streaming down my face, and I saw the genius of this, utter genius of picking a particular point in time and deciding to turn on this."

- Bono, from Bono: in conversation

Enjoy your holidays; I pray that this Christmas you can see the poetry of this season & can be blessed in equal measure to this leper from India & the worlds biggest rock star.