not suited to round holes

i'm excited to announce that i've uploaded several new images into my personal collection & am having a small sale to celebrate. from now until next Tuesday (March 31st) anyone who purchases a square print (one of the three below) will receive a free print. squaresale

here's how it works:

1. purchase a square print - 5x5, 8x8, 10x10 or 20x20

2. at checkout, put a note in the comments with the name of the image you would like

3. the size of your free print will be related to the size of the print you purchase (if you'd prefer a smaller size, please note the size you'd like along with the name)

5x5 (4x6)

8x8 (6x9 or smaller)

10x10 (8x12 or smaller)

20x20 (16x24 or smaller)

like i said, there are several new images in the store, so even if one of the three above doesn't tickle your fancy there might be something new that does. take a minute and check-a-check-a-check it out yo.