Selena Gomez

i mentioned, back in January, a photo shoot i did with Selena Gomez for Borden milk. the campaign launched recently and i just received some of the final artwork. selena

Local, Fresh, Delecious

Agency: Marchman Associates

Creative: Sam Ditore, Scott Mayo, Kevin Shivers & Taryn Owen

the creative is a derivative of the TV concept & i think it all turned out brilliantly. Kevin did an amazing job of creating a universe that blends urban youthfulness with the pastoral freshness that has been a staple of the Borden brand for decades; props to you my friend. and, i'm quite happy with the way Taryn was able to marry the photography with the world Kevin created.

if they ever put the TV spots online, I'll make sure to post a link. i think the TV creative was next level cool.

i shot alongside the commercial production & would get to spend time with Selena in little burst between their setups. it was definitely a challenging way to work because just about the time she and I would find our rhythm, they would take her off my set & into the sound stage. but, this way of working did afford me the opportunity to shoot lots of production stills, which i love doing.

here are a few of those:


Salena rocks out to Forever The Sickest Kids.


(clockwise from top left) PM, Andi Budman & her coffee, Kevin, Sam & the storyboards, production meeting


the spots were shot on the Red One; the final spot has a mix of virtual & physical set pieces.


the initial concept sketch and the lighting scheme used to bring it to life; definitely my favorite shot in the spot.