the 2010 annual

I am incredibly excited to announce that the 2010 Annual is up on Magcloud. It has been a Herculean effort with my work schedule for the last eight months, but absolutely worth every minute of time & energy spent on it. I'm incredibly proud of this book & the work it shows - but more than that, I'm honored by the relationships formed in the process of creating it. Picture 30

It's fitting that today is the day it goes live, because I'm headed out again - this time for Central Asia. Hopefully the stories I find there will find their way into this year's annual sometime well in advance of June 2012.

The 96 page book features six stories that I worked on with all kinds of clients - from non-profits to ministries to my favorite hockey team, the Dallas Stars. It's available through Magcloud, should you want the hard copy (and believe me, you want the hard copy) for $29.99, which includes a digital copy - but, if you get one & are ever in Dallas and want to grab coffee and talk about the work or the stories or what  I do, I'll include a cup of coffee with your order.


annual-3 from the Cuban photo essay Hope Amidst the Ruins

annual-4 a cultural Essay from Armenia

You can also download a PDF version of the book here or view it for free on the Magcloud App.