my book

"I built this portfolio up and started to take [it] around. It was a custom box, with loose prints, all black and white. You dropped it off, you waited around, you picked it up, you took it somewhere else, because I only had one." - Dan Winters, on his first book A few weeks ago, Wonderful Machine requested my book for some showings around Texas & then were kind enough to make this very cool video of the book:

[youtube 9c1N_n9Vq6s?hd=1 580 360]

When I was first putting my book together, about a year and a half ago, I wanted something different; I wanted a sturdy box that held a simple, striking collection of prints (it was only later I discovered that's also what Dan Winters did). Back when I was in film school, I always made sure I had a photography class in my schedule so I could have access to the darkroom. There was nothing like walking out after hours under the safe lights with a stack of prints in your hand. I wanted to recapture that kind of experience.

As much as I love the way the book is put together, it isn't without it's faults. For durability, I decided to mount the prints on single weight matte board, which adds a bunch of weight (not fun when shipping the box). Also, so much of a good book comes from its structure - how the images play off one another and the edit unfolds the story - and more often than not, my carefully considered structure gets jumbled up between showings.

Even with its faults, I really love the presentation & I think this video does a good job of showing the work. But, nothing can take the place of holding the prints in your hands... but, just like Dan Winters, I only have one.