travelogue :: Tajikistan

It's summer travel season for me, so I thought I'd ramp back up something I used to do on trips - the travelogue. I shoot a ton with my phone while I travel & I think of these images as a visual journal of sorts. They range from sketches that may become images I attempt with my big camera to the mundane details & minutia of international travel.

TJ-iPhone-1Leg 1: DFW ✈ IAH // CO2725 // seat 3B

TJ-iPhone-2Leg 2: IAH✈FRA // LH441 // seat 36F

TJ-iPhone-4Leg 3: FRA ✈ ALA // LH648 // seat 30D

TJ-iPhone-3I woke up as the sun went down over the Aral Sea.

TJ-iPhone-5after dropping through the clouds, I got my first glimpse of Tajikistan.

TJ-iPhone-10Dushanbe, Tajikistan, June, 2011



TJ-iPhone-12punx not dead // Зонт & автомат газвода

TJ-iPhone-7Shahristan Pass


TJ-iPhone-13Khatlon: the land of epic 50°C heat




TJ-iPhone-15exit visa

TJ-iPhone-17Almaty, Kazakhstan

TJ-iPhone-18Roxi // the boarding student whose parents are ex-pats in Almaty, Khazakstan // Jose