WELDshow 2012

Back in April, about 6 weeks before it opened to the public, I re-located my office to a 10,000 square foot studio space called WELD. Actually, at the time, there was no name, just the vision of my good friend Austin Mann to design a space tailored to the needs of Dallas area creatives. A space that would enable people like us to improve their craft through tools, education and connectivity with like-minded peers. Co-working isn't new, but for this city, a space that catered to the creative niche was a bold experiment. And, 8 months later, I can honestly say, being there has been an overarching highlight of my year. It's opened doors I couldn't have opened, helped nurture existing relationships, fostered new ones and challenged me to produce work at a level worthy of the community.

I'd like to invite you to a group show coming up on Thursday, Dec. 20th featuring the best work of our membership from 2012. WELD received hundreds of entries from its more than 60 members & the entries were curated by Sabine Meyer, former Director of Photography for National Geographic Adventure. I'm happy to announce that of the 70 entries, I had 3 photo stories and a single image entry selected for the show - 12 pieces in all.


And in the spirit of a group show, I cannot brag on the other selected works hard enough. We will have some of the most thought provoking and visually stunning work from my incredibly talented co-WELDers, like Esther Havens, Kyle Steed, Austin Mann, Tyler SharpShaun Menary, and too many more to name. Work that spans the disciplines of photography, illustration, design, filmmaking and fine art. After spending time curating the work, Sabine Meyer it was clear that "WELD is a cauldron of creativity and clearly the launchpad of many more great things to come.”

The event is free and open to the public, but we do ask that you register if you're planning on attending. I hope you'll be able to attend this celebration of the Holiday season and the birth of a new era of creativity in Dallas.

** images above by Tyler Sharp, Chris Titze, Austin Mann & JerSean Golatt