Dark to Dawn


I'm excited to announce an event that has been months in the making. On Oct. 3rd (yes, Stars fans, I know that's opening night) at the Fashion Industry Gallery, my long-time collaborator East-West Ministries is hosting a one-night gallery event featuring more than 100 of my photographs from around the world.

The event is free, but you need to register online (click here to register now) in order to attend. In order to spread the word, I'm asking for your help. Please feel free to steal that image above and post it where ever you like - Facebook it. Tweet it. Pin it. Do all of that and more. Even if you're not able to come or don't live in Dallas, I'm sure there is someone in your network who would be interested in an evening filled with art and good company.

Below is an excerpt from the artist's statement I've written for the show, which has been curated from more than 50,000 images taken over the last four years. Most of the work has never been seen before, but we have also included a handful of images that have helped shape my understanding of who I am as a photographer and storyteller.


An evening dedicated to the art and film of East-West has been a dream of mine since our first collaboration was in pre-production during the spring of 2010. In the years since that first trip - a career defining & life affirming journey to Cuba - I have had the distinct privilege of traveling with East-West to 9 countries, witnessing the artful ordering of our Father's grace and majesty at incredibly close range. In that time, through the tens-of-thousands of frames and terabytes of video footage collected, a singular belief has solidified in my heart:

Where goes light, goes life.


I have seen how the promise of the day to come can unshackle a man condemned by leprosy. I have seen how light can give courage to the two Christian families in a city of a half-million Muslims. I have watched as people experience Jesus for the first time in a dark hut through the flickering light of the Jesus film, then stood in awe as those same people were baptized in a puddle in the dark of night, just down the road.


To paraphrase my friend Barry Jones, there is a day coming when there will be no tears and all the rough places will be made smooth. These images represent little glimpses into the lives of people and places who have experienced a taste of that day in this one - or who are desperate for such a hope as this.

I sincerely hope to see you there.