Richard Rawlings


This one has been a long-time coming... but when you get an editorial commission, sometimes you have to hold on sharing the work until it has been published. Such was the case with this shoot with Fast N' Loud star, Richard Rawlings, for Private Clubs Magazine. So, I was stoked to find the issue in my mailbox over the weekend. There are few things as gratifying as seeing your work in print.

I wasn't familiar with Fast N' Loud, but back in December found myself on-set of the reality TV show, which is filmed at Rawlings' Gas Monkey Garage here in Dallas. Because of Rawlings' shooting schedule, my assistant, Neva Everett, and I would have to set up our shots and wait for a break in shooting to steal a few minutes with Richard. He was incredibly gracious and in a couple of hours of shooting we walked away having shot 7 set-ups.

Here are a selection of the images I delivered to the client.


Thanks to Richard & the entire Fast N' Loud crew for the access they provided and to Private Clubs Magazine Associate Design Director, Ron Thomas, for the assignment. It was fun collaborating with all of you guys.