Omni Montelucia

Twenty six. That's how many months have passed since I joined The Richards Group. And, it turns out, twenty five months — to the day — since I last posted anything. Sorry about that. Since making the move, I have tried to keep my head down and simply do great work

While I'm incredibly proud of what I've made since joining the agency, most of that work has been without a camera in my hand. As a director, my job is to interpret the creative, communicate a production plan and lead a talented team of craftspeople to bring the idea to life. So, when an opportunity to shoot presented itself — like, hold-the-camera-look-through-the-viewfinder-and-press-the-shutter shoot — I jumped at the chance.

Before we even landed, it was fun collaborating with the creatives on ideas for making the most of our time on property. Finding ways to creatively push the boundaries of various ad spaces — like Facebook's carousel ads — was rewarding, as a photographer and a storyteller.


The benefit of a well defined plan, however, is the confidence it affords you to follow your nose away from the trail, chasing light and finding unexpected inspiration along the way. And it's those images that fall beyond your imagination when making the shot list that end up being the most true to the plan anyway.

To paraphrase Annie Leibovitz, you do the work to make room for the magic. And, in Arizona, I was blessed with healthy doses of magic.

Omni Hotels are, in a word, incredible and their Montelucia resort & spa in Scottsdale, AZ, gave that word new definition. The grounds were immaculate, the views breathtaking and my two days there weren't nearly enough.