Weekend Links // May 16

I need to lead off this weeks edition of Weekend Links with a massive thank you to everyone who has visited, texted, called, emailed, purchased a print, shared and in all other ways supported the launch of the new website.

The response has, literally, been overwhelming.

So, here we go. A few things that may have eluded you this week that are none-the-less worthy of your time.

1. Love Letter: Dallas

I came across this charming series on The Huffington Post called Love Letters. And, was pleasantly surprised there was a love letter to Dallas, the city I've called home for almost 20 years.

If you're in Dallas, or know someone who is, I think they'll find this short read to be pretty spot on. 

I can’t deny that when I see the Green Building, something inside me stirs and I know I’m home...
— Hayden Bernstein
The Green Thumb, as my wife calls it, photographed for the Dallas Stars to help launch their re-brand.

The Green Thumb, as my wife calls it, photographed for the Dallas Stars to help launch their re-brand.

2. Yousuf Karsh

How I wish that mankind would take the sunrise for their slogan and leave the shadows of sunset behind them.
— Helen Keller

I started a new series on the great portrait photographers & led the series off with Yousuf Karsh, an Armenian genocide survivor who was one of histories greatest portraitists. The man's work is phenomenal... but, possibly more phenomenal is how his website pairs the work with small snippets of story and insight from Yousuf about the work and the people he photographed.

George Bernard Shaw, 1943. Photo by Yousuf Karsh.

George Bernard Shaw, 1943. Photo by Yousuf Karsh.

3. Zack Snyder's Batman

Sometimes (and lately these moments have been rare) social media rises above the gossip & trolling to democratically provide something awesome.

This first photo of Zack Snyder's Batman was, in my opinion, one of those things. Here's the tweet the Batman vs Superman director used to light the internet on fire.


4. Brotherhood

I originally shared about Dylan & Wheeler's documentary 'Brotherhood' several weeks ago when they first launched their Kickstarter campaign. Well, they met their goal & this story is going to happen & I couldn't be happier for these two passionate storytellers.

These are the kinds of stories that all of your support has made it possible for us to tell. This piece more resembles our eventual film than anything else we’ve shared to date.
— Dylan Hollingsworth, on getting funded

When I first learned about this project I wrote:

"On the surface, supporting this story may trouble you, which is exactly why you should support it. Help create a world where people with differing ideologies listen to one another, where slander is replaced with dialogue and the politicization of issues gives way to an exchange of stories.

If we want others to listen to our story, we should first start by listening to theirs."

Now that the film is fully funded, the cost to invest in this film is merely an open ear. Please take a moment to listen:

5. Bring Back Our Girls

From Lens, the New York Times Photo Blog:

"A Twitter campaign using the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls has focused global attention on the plight of some 276 Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by the Islamic militant group Boko Haram. Three photos of girls have been posted and reposted thousands of times, including by the BBC and by the singer Chris Brown (who himself has had issues with anger management and violence against women).

One problem: The photos are of girls from Guinea-Bissau, more than 1,000 miles from Nigeria, who have no relationship to the kidnappings.

The use of these pictures raises troubling questions of representation, and misrepresentation. Ami Vitale, the photographer who made the original images as part of a long-term project, spoke with James Estrin on Thursday. Their conversation has been edited."

If you work in the world of advocacy, photography or happen to find yourself at the intersection of those two roads, please read that conversation on Lens, here.

6. Air Review's 'Young' Is A Vimeo Staff Pick

And that's just freaking-A awesome.

For those that don't know, Jeff, Doug & Richard — three of Air Review's four members — have worked closely with me on music & voice over for the films I've made.

I'm rather partial to the music Jeff & Doug created for Shutterfly & East West, not to mention the VO work Richard did for me for

While I had absolutely nothing to do with this video, I'm definitely it's biggest cheerleader. Please watch & be impressed. Then, if you want, buy the song.

7. Strobist 

David Hobby, aka Strobist, has started a new series called Ecosystem 101. And it is pretty great. 

...if you haven’t stopped taking photos long enough to figure out why you do it, I can promise you that you don’t even know what you don’t know.
— David Hobby

I'm a big fan of asking the questions David is asking. They're reminiscent of the questions Simon Sinek advocates for companies/brands asking in his TEDx: Start With Why

Why do you do what you do? It's an important question because, as David points out, photography is fungible (hey, there's a fun new word!); "you can make it, you can spend it and you can exchange it. You can create it out of nothing. And the more you think about that, the more possibilities will start to pop into your head."

Have fun chasing possibilities this weekend.